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B2B Activities: 17 November 2021 (Multiple Times)

Ceremony: 18 November 2021 18:30 UTC / 11:30 PST

Professional Ticket

Was £79 Upgrade Offer £59

+ Everything included with free tickets in addition to:
+ Attend & Network with professional ticket holders in exclusive pro networking rooms
+ Full business to business event experience & programing

Professional only features

Networking that works

All professional ticket holders will receive invitations to B2B networking opportunities in the run-up to the main show and on the night!

Through traditional round table events, speed networking AND VR networking, you’ll get your social fix, and make real XR business connections.

Exclusive XR Round Tables

Join our highly anticipated XR leader-led Round Tables where we explore the biggest questions and topics in the XR industry today:

‘Developing Talent in the XR Industry’ – By Sensorium

‘The Metaverse: Scaling Businesses with XR’ – By Accenture XR

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Professionals Only
Speed Networking
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I upgrade?

The VR Awards gives you unique access to all of the most influential names in immersive technology. In order to maximise your connections on the night, we recommend you upgrade to professional tier to make use of private networking rooms and exclusive round tables.

What are Round Tables?

The exclusive Professionals-only round tables discussions are led by our sponsors: Accenture and Sensorium. These sessions will explore the most popular XR topics of today and the furthering of the industry.

Are upgrades refundable?

All tickets & upgrades are non-refundable.

The price of tickets goes towards supporting our numerous not-for-profit Academy endeavours, which include nurturing new talent, inspiring audiences and celebrating our industries innovation.


What is the advantage of the Professional networking rooms?

We want to deliver the same high quality networking through our digital event as we always have, and as such have allowed for private, Professional only networking rooms.

If you’re looking to do business at the VR Awards, access to these willow you to speak to others looking for the same, in a private, quiet location.

Over 600 attendees confirmed

Celebrate with the likes of Disney, Facebook, NVIDIA and more.