The largest International XR Awards Show

For Over 8 Years AIXR has been Celebrating Excellence in Spatial Computing & Extended Reality

A Strong Legacy in Awarding XR projects

From day one, the AIXR XR Awards (Previsouly VR Awards) have been backed by the largest companies in XR, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

The event is operated and hosted as a not for profit event by the Academy of International Extended Reality.

Over eight years, we have set the standard for celebrating achievements in XR, with each year surpassing the last in grandeur and impact. Join us as we continue to shape the future of extended reality.

Experience the Gala: More Than Awards

Experience the real deal at the International AIXR XR Awards. This isn’t just an awards show—it’s the highlight of the XR year. Expect a red carpet, fine dining, and the chance to rub shoulders with the biggest names in XR.

Here, it’s all about real connections and real recognition. Network with industry leaders, meet innovators, and be part of conversations shaping the future of XR.

This is where the XR community comes alive, where achievements are celebrated, and where lasting impressions are made. Join us for a night to remember in the world of XR.

Building the future of virtual reality, together.

Join us this year!

Global Award Ceremony

See the best in XR get recognized. Our awards ceremony is where top achievements in XR take the spotlight. It’s a night celebrating the big leaps in the industry, acknowledged and celebrated worldwide.



Unrivalled Networking

This is where XR’s big names meet. It’s not just an event; it’s the ultimate meet-up spot for industry movers and shakers. Forge new connections, discuss ideas, and meet the people behind the big moves in XR.


World  Premieres & Virtual Entertainment

Get a first look at what’s new in XR. Our event features the latest breakthroughs and entertainment in the XR world. Expect new demos, immersive shows, and surprises that stretch the imagination.


Pushing VR to its Limits

See VR & AR’s boundaries being pushed. We showcase the latest in tech and creativity, featuring projects and ideas that redefine Spatial Computing. Be there to see the future of VR as it happens.


Over 70 Expert Judges

Our judging panel is made up of industry-leading creatives in extended reality. We have gathered experts in various sectors of VR, from academics, journalists, and creative directors to founders and C-Suite executives. We tailor and match our judges’ specific areas of expertise to our award categories in order to ensure that our judging is of the highest-possible quality.

Lou Pushelberg

Lou Pushelberg

Circuit Stream, Founder & CEO

Michaela Holland

Michaela Holland

Experiential Creative Strategist & Consultant

Sam Mateosian

The Yarn Corporation, Co-Founder & CEO

Amy Hedrick

Amy Hedrick

Cleanbox Technology, CEO & Co-Founder

The celebration of the Oscars in Extended Reality. Unforgettable red carpet night.

David Moreno
Head of Marketing & Business Development, Virtualware

Entertainment Audience

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