2017 Winners & Finalists

2017 Award-Worthy Individuals and Finalists

VR Headset of the Year

Winner: Rift by Oculus

VR headset of the year is awarded to companies producing outstanding Virtual Reality headsets year on year. Emphasis is placed on a headsets design, feel, functions and features. This award is given only to Virtual Reality headsets, not augmented reality headsets.


  • HTC – Vive

  • Razer – OSVR

  • Sony – PlayStation VR

  • Starbreeze – StarVR

Mobile VR Headset of the Year

Winner: Daydream View by Google

Awarded to companies producing outstanding mobile virtual reality headsets. Emphasis is placed on the mobile headsets design, feel, functions and features. This award is given only to mobile virtual reality headsets that provide portable functionality for VR.


  • Merge VR – Goggles

  • Samsung – GearVR

  • Homido – V2

VR Hardware of the Year

Winner: Touch by Oculus

Allowing a versatile range of controllers and sensory devices to enter the mix, VR hardware of the year places the spotlight on entries that focus on technical and design execution. This award is geared towards hardware specifically created to enhance a user’s Virtual Reality experience through an add on device for VR.


  • Somniacs – Birdly
  • Leap Motion – Leap Motion
  • NullSpace VR – Hardlight Suit
  • Ultrahaptics – Ultrahaptics

VR Game of the Year

Winner: Raw Data by Survios

Focusing on the use of Virtual Reality within games is the VR game of the year award. This combines the ingenuity and creativity that it takes to make a successful game along with the innovative use of movement that makes an experience worth while.


  • Owlchemy Labs & Adult Swim Games – Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

  • Epic Games – Leap Motion

  • Dylan Fitterer – Audioshield

  • Playful – Lucky’s Tale

  • Steel Crate Games – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

  • Tender Claws – Virtual Virtual Reality

  • Vertigo Games & Jaywalkers Interactive – Arizona Sunshine


  • Rebellion – Battlezone

  • Ready At Dawn – Lone Echo

Innovative VR Company of the Year

Winner: G’Audio Lab

Virtual Reality is a constantly evolving landscape that requires innovative thought leaders to pave the way by leading by example through first-to-market developments. Additional points are given to companies that place focus on their company culture and policies along with how sustainable their practices are.


  • Zero Latency

  • Technicolor Experience Center

  • Merge VR

  • Globacore

  • Jaunt VR

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VR Experience of the Year

Winner: Tilt Brush by Google

Experiences are what makes Virtual Reality come to life. VR experience of the year is awarded to companies that produce and execute a truly outstanding, quality experience which has resulted in positive user feedback.


  • WEVR – theBlu

  • Horizons Studio – Horizons VR

  • Against Gravity – Rec Room

  • Google – Google Earth VR

  • Magnopus – Mission:ISS

  • BBC & REWIND – Home – A VR Spacewalk

  • Toast – Richie’s Plank Experience

Most Creative use of Marketing in VR

Winner: IKEA VR by IKEA

Virtual Reality gives marketers a new weapon to reach further demographics in increasingly creative ways. Judges look towards marketing campaigns that integrate Virtual Reality within the majority of the project. Particular focus is placed on the originality and creativity behind each marketing campaign.


  • Greenpeace – Virtual Explorer

  • Idea Studio – UNICEF 360°

  • Ford Motor Company / GTB Agency – Ford F-150 Raptor: Born to Baja

  • Pebble Studios – ABC – ‘Catch Jack’ Time After Time

  • Magnopus – Mission:ISS

  • Imagination & REWIND – Jaguar Electrifies – The Future Is Now

  • Kuju – The Chainsmokers: Paris VR

  • Framestore – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: VR

  • RSA VR – Alien: Covenant In Utero | A Virtual Reality Experience

  • Infinite360 – Capital Creates Change

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Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year

Winner: Allumette by Penrose Studios

Working to create an immersive, spatial and original VR media is very new territory for most designers and cinematographers. All nominations must substantially feature virtual reality within their media and work to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the viewer. Additional attention is given to the use of positioning and movement within the media. Can include short film, interactive pieces and design work within VR.


  • 5th Wall – ‘The Mummy’ Zero Gravity Stunt VR Experience

  • Google – Tabel

  • Baobab Studios – INVASION!

  • Anotherworld VR – KOBOLD VR

  • Hver Sin Stilhed – Separate Silences

VR Startup of the Year

Winner: LiveLike

Without new startups creating innovative solutions and driving forward ambition within the industry, virtual reality would not be where it is today. Commending small businesses with proven business models is VR startup of the year.


  • Inception VR

  • Cerevrum Inc.


  • MetaVRse

Best use of VR in Education and Training

Winner: ITI Crane Simulator by Industrial Training International

Awarded to companies or individuals who have demonstrated practical and innovative uses of VR in education and training. This applies to any industry that has used VR to aid in experiences, videos, games and more (providing it has a positive educational use).


  • Unimersiv – Virtual Reality Educational Experiences

  • Make Real – PROCAT

  • Leicester Fire and Rescue Service – VF4-360

  • VirtualSpeech – VirtualSpeech

  • Boulevard Arts, Inc. – Boulevard

  • Cerevrum Inc. – Skill Hub VR

  • Make Real – EDF Energy “Reactor Builder’

  • Alchemy VR – Space Descent VR with Tim Peake

Best use of VR in Healthcare

Winner: ImmersiCare by Tribemix

VR is changing the healthcare industry in very big ways. This is awarded to companies or individuals innovating healthcare through the use of VR and can incorporate both training and educational elements providing it is directly linked to healthcare.


  • AiSolve – VRSIMS

  • Osso VR – Osso VR

  • Vivid Vision – Vivid Vision

Best Out-of-Home VR Entertainment

Winner: Ghostbusters: Dimension by The VOID

Out of home VR entertainment brings a new level of immersion to theme parks, cinemas, attractions, museums and more. Nominees for this award have researched, implemented and carried out a truly outstanding, quality experience which has resulted in a high level of user satisfaction. to healthcare.



  • Universal Parks & Resorts – The Repository

  • Thorpe Park Merlin Entertainment – Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

  • Zero Latency – Zero Latency

  • REWIND & Welsh National Opera – Magic Butterfly

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